Transformer Condition Assessment - TCA®

Comprehensive Assessment/Greater Reliability

What does the TCA® program include?

Dissolved Gas Analysis

Insulating Fluid Quality Assessment

Particle Analysis

Furan Analysis

Diagnostic Evaluation

The most easily accessible and efficient way to determine transformer condition is to use the fluid as the diagnostic medium. It has been estimated that transformer fluids contain about 70% of the available diagnostic information for transformers. The challenge is to access and use it effectively. Traditional oil-test programs utilize only a few diagnostic parameters leaving a myriad of important oil­ based information unused. Surveys of failed transformers have revealed that many failures can be attributed to problems that could have been property managed with a more detailed analysis of the insulating fluid.

To meet the demand for an improved transformer management tool, TJIH2b Analytical Services has developed Transformer Condition Assessment, TCA®. TCA® offers a comprehensive assessment of the dielectric and mechanical state of the transformer through the analysis of the transformer insulating fluid. The TCA® test selection includes application from the field of microscopy, providing a better understanding of the problems and risks associated with continued transformer operation.

What are the benefits of the TCA®?

Comprehensive Diagnostics

TCA® integrates test data, analyzes trends and provides important information for the life management of transformers.

Optimized Transformer Use

Information about the dielectric and mechanical state of the transformer provides for better management of loading.

Greater Reliability

TCA® provides assistance for fault management and corrective procedures leading to a reduction in failures and an enhancement in reliability.

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