The Benefits of Robotics

Benefits of robotics

Presented By:Julien Beaudry, Nicolas Pouliot, Matthieu Montfrond, and Serge MontambaultHydro-Quebec Research Institue (IREQ), CanadaTechCon 2018 Abstract The means to inspect and maintain such strategic infrastructure as power lines and substations must evolve. For 25 years, Hydro-Québec has been developing robotic platforms, sensors and tools to meet the new challenges associated with operating a power grid: […]

Challenges of an Evolving Electrical Grid

Evolving Electrical Grid Challenges

Presented By:Christopher E. Root E.Chief Operating OfficerVermont Electric Power, IncTechCon 2019 Abstract Changes in the way we produce, store, manage and use electricity are transforming the way the electric power industry operates the grid. Among the key trends: retiring base-load power plants, increased distributed generation, rising investment in energy efficiency and demand response, and technological […]