Substation Ground Grid – Maintenance and Performance Testing


Presented By:Ronald ProffittTechnical ConsultantNorth American Substation ServicesTechCon 2022 Arguably, the two most important substation/plant components related to Safety and Reliability are the station battery and ground grid. If they do not function correctly, personnel Safety and equipment Reliability are at risk. In recent years with the focus on FERC PRC guidelines, the battery gets plenty […]

Duke Energy’s Transmission HRM is going live in 2019 – What have we learned?


Presented By: David Wallach Duke Energy TechCon 2019 Abstract Duke Energy is embarking on a project to update its Transmission Health & Risk Management (HRM) strategy. An initial focus will be on power transformers followed by circuit breakers as the most capital intensive assets in the Transmission system. The process/methodology has been selected and implementation […]

Lessons Learned at AEP Transmission in Failure Prevention

Failure prevention lessons learned

Presented By: Carey Schneider American Electric Power TechCon 2019 Abstract Historically, utilities have used inspections and time-based maintenance to drive decisions on safety and failure prevention. The inspections and time-based maintenance still hold value, but AEP Transmission is also implementing real-time asset monitoring to provide more current and additional data points for failure decisions. AEP […]

Lessons Learned in the Development of a Condition-Based Monitoring Program

Lessons from developing a condition based monitoring program

Presented By: Byron Shovlaini, P.E. San Deigo Gas & Electric TechCon 2019 Abstract San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E) was an early adopter of Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) in 2008 before wide scale development of such programs. Safety and reliability are core values at SDG&E, which drive the use of technology to monitor and […]

The Changing Face of Utility Condition Monitoring Data Management

The Changing face of utility conditiion monitoring data management

Presented By: Kerry Williams K-BIK Power Pty Ltd TechCon 2018 Abstract In recent years there has been a significant uptake in on-line condition monitoring of electrical network assets. This paper explores the impact of that change from years past to the present and looks at what might be in the future. During the 1990’s, condition […]

Substation Acceptance and Pre-Operational Testing Plan

substation acceptance and pre-operational testing plan

Presented By:Kenneth G. PetersonHampton Tedder Technical Services Inc.TechCon 2018 Abstract Utilities have the right to verify that the services provided conform to their contractual requirements. A Utility may monitor the performance of the tests and test equipment certification in relation to the work performed as contractually required. The Contractor should develop an approved procedural test […]

The Team of One’s Approach in Managing Substation Assets

Managing Substation Assets

Presented By: Elizabeth Bray, P.E. Southern Company TechCon 2018 Abstract Times have changed and how we manage substation equipment has to be a lean mean operating machine. Lean in the way of operating efficiently for necessary maintenance along with limited resources, mean in use of creativity and technology to keep the equipment operating safely. This […]

Embracing Holistic Data Management Prepares Utilities For The 21st Century


Presented By: John D. McDonald, P.E. GE Power’s Grid Solutions business TechCon 2018 Abstract Data is the new enabler of value in the electric power industry. Though the power industry has always relied on data, the proliferation of sensors and actuators on the grid for improved monitoring and control is among drivers of data on […]