Safe and Efficient Transformer Testing After a Trip

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Presented By:Mark B. Goff, MSEE, PETennessee Valley AuthorityCollin Jay Rosson, EITTennessee Valley AuthorityCassandra H. Goff, MSEE, PEQualus Corp.TechCon 2023 Abstract This paper discusses the most efficient actions to take after a transformer trip by relay operation. As the power grid is pushed harder, it is vitally important to keep the power flowing. This entails having […]

Advances In Transformers Ratings Using Fibre Optics


Presented By: Jerzy Kazmierczak Product Technical Manager Hitachi Energy TechCon 2022 For a long time, the transformer industry did not have the solution which could be used to measure the winding hot spot directly. The solution with the current transformer called “thermal image” which was connected to the hotspot gauge was commonly applied to monitor […]

Practical Considerations for the Usage of Ester Fluids in Distribution Transformers


Presented By: Robert C. Breazeal and Alan Sbravati Senior Technical Supervisor and Global Customers Application Manager Southern California Edison and Cargill TechCon 2022 In 2018 Southern California Edison began utilizing distribution class transformers with natural ester fluid. In addition, they embarked on a program where units removed from service were retro-filled with ester fluids before […]

Understanding Legacy Transformers for Potential Extended Life


Presented By:Brian D. SparlingDynamic Ratings Inc.Senior Technical AdvisorTechCon 2022 It is important for transformer users and asset managers to be adequately equipped to assess the condition of legacy transformers in their utility/organization as a basis for making critical decisions about operations. In other words, classifying candidates and priorities for, repair/rectification of minor failures, refurbishment or […]

Application of Condition Assessment Methodologies for Transformers

Application of Condition Assessment Methodologies for Transformers

Presented By:Brian SparlingDynamic RatingsChris Beckett United Energy AustraliaTara-lee MacArthurErgon Energy AustraliaTechCon 2020 Abstract Power transformers are expensive and critical equipment in power systems and play a significant role in the transmission and distribution of electricity. Although transformers are generally reliable pieces of equipment, failures do occur, as many degradation mechanisms are operating that affect components […]

Transformer Dynamic Overload Guide

Guide Transformer Dynamic Overload

Presented By:Yuri Monteiro RossiniSiemens Industry, Inc.TechCon 2019 Abstract Power transformers are valuable assets ensuring a continuous supply of power on the electrical network. The cost of a transformer is directly related to its power capacity, which means it makes sense to invest in equipment with proper power ratings, i.e. a transformer that can fulfill the […]

Active Detection and Identification of Incipient Faults in Transformers

active detection and identification of incipient faults in transformers white paper

Presented By:Emilio Morales Cruz TechCon 2017 Abstract The failure of power transformers is always an area of significant concern because it can result in millions of dollars in costs, interruption of power, and possible environmental and safety impacts. Therefore, it is desirable to detect the existence of abnormal changes in the transformer’s internal condition and […]