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TJ|H2b provides our clients with accurate analytical testing at reasonable prices.

TJ|H2b is also experienced in unique, special and R&D projects. If you don't see the test you're looking for, please give us a call. We may be able to help.

Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)ASTM D3612 or IEC 60567
Water in Insulating FluidsASTM D1533 or IEC 60814
Interfacial Tension (IFT)ASTM D971 or IEC 62961
Acid NumberASTM D974 or IEC 62021
Color and Visual ExaminationASTM D1500/1524
Specific GravityASTM D1298
Power Factor 25C or 100CASTM D924
Dielectric Dissipation FactorIEC 60247
Dielectric BreakdownASTM D877, ASTM D1816, or IEC 60156
Oxidation InhibitorASTM D2668 or IEC 60666
Dibenzyldisulfide ContentIEC 62697
Particle CountASTM D6786, ISO 4406 or IEC 60970
Flash Point / Fire PointASTM D92
Pour PointASTM D97
ViscosityASTM D88 or D445
Furan AnalysisASTM D5837 or IEC 61198
Degree of PolymerizationASTM D4243 or IEC 60450
Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) ContentEPA 8082, ATSM D4059, or IEC 61619
Corrosive SulfurASTM D1275 or IEC 62535
Corrosive Copper SulfideIEC 62535
Corrosive Silver SulfideDIN 51353
ResistivityASTM D1169 or IEC 60247
Refractive IndexASTM D1807
Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6)Proprietary
Fluid IDProprietary
Aniline PointASTM D611
Oxidation StabilityASTM D2440 or IEC 61125
Sediment and Soluble SludgeASTM D1698 or IEC 61125
Foaming TendencyASTM D892
Total SulfurASTM D4294
Boiling Point / DistillationASTM D86
Particle CharacterizationProprietary
MetalsASTM D5185
Silicone in OilProprietary
PassivatorIEC 60666
Stray GassingASTM D7150
SF6 Purity + Decomposition Products  ASTM D2685 / Proprietary
 Dielectric BreakdownASTM D2477
MoistureASTM D6304
Acid NumberASTM D664
Particle CountISO 4406
MetalsASTM D5185
ViscosityASTM D445
Flash PointASTM D92
RustASTM D665
DemulsibilityASTM 1401
Foaming TendencyASTM D892


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