Specific Gravity / Relative Density

“The relative density of mineral oil is the ratio of the weights of equal volumes of the oil and water, tested at 15 °C. The relative density is significant in determining the suitability for use in certain applications. When considered along with other oil properties, relative density can be an indicator of the quality of the oil. With a very high specific gravity and at very cold temperatures, ice crystals may form within the transformer.”

(Quote from IEEE C57.106-2015)

What method is used to analyze the sample?

ASTM D1298
ISO 3675

How do you interpret the results?

IEEE C57.106-2015

What do the results indicate?

“Density, relative density, or API gravity is a factor governing the quality and pricing of crude petroleum. However, this property of petroleum is an uncertain indication of its quality unless correlated with other properties. Density is an important quality indicator for automotive, aviation and marine fuels, where it affects storage, handling and combustion.” (Quote from ASTM D1298-2017)

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