Oxidation Inhibitor

“Two synthetic oxidation inhibitors are commonly used in dielectric liquids. They are 2-6 ditertiary- butyl phenol (DBP) and 2-6 ditertiary-butyl para-cresol (DBPC). Their use provides added resistance to oxidation in systems that are partially or wholly exposed to air. The effectiveness of the oxidation inhibitor depends a great deal on the type of crude oil from which the insulating mineral oil came.”

(Quote from IEEE C57.106-2015)

What method is used to analyze the sample?

ASTM D2668
IEC 60666

How do you interpret the results?

IEEE C57.106-2015

What do the results indicate?

“The quantitative determination of 2,6-ditertiary-butyl paracresol and 2,6-ditertiary-butyl phenol in a new electrical insulating oil measures the amount of this material that has been added to the oil as protection against oxidation. In a used oil it measures the amount remaining after oxidation has reduced its concentration. The test is also suitable for manu- facturing control and specification acceptance.” (Quote from ASTM D2668)

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