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TJ|H2b has developed diagnostic evaluations for differing types of high voltage electrical equipment: Transformer Condition Assessment (TCA®) for oil-insulated transformers of any size, Tap Changer Activity Signature Analysis (TASA®) for on-load Tap Changers, Breaker Oil Analysis (BOA®) for oil-filled circuit breakers, and Breaker Gas Analysis (BGA®) for gas-filled circuit breakers. TJ|H2b provides equipment-specific oil diagnostics and consultation services to give as complete an analysis as possible. For more information, select a diagnostic.

Transformer Condition Assessment (TCA®)

A transformer oil diagnostic that provides information on the overall condition of a transformer including specific faults, oil quality issues, and the estimated Degree of Polymerization of the cellulose insulation.

There are multiple benefits to completing a TCA oil diagnostic including a comprehensive assessment, fault identification, and, ultimately, greater reliability. While these benefits are helpful immediately after the TCA evaluation, we recommend monitoring your transformer annually in case of fault development.

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Tap Changer Activity Signature Analysis (TASA®)

Our well-proven diagnostic evaluation for on-load tap changers locates specific faults within the oil-immersed components, which in turn aids asset managers in planning maintenance and successfully avoiding failure.

It allows for early detection of wear or potential failures of the LTC or regulator. This continues to improve the return on investment by reducing the number of failures and labor savings that you would likely spend without conducting diagnostics regularly.

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Breaker Oil
Analysis (BOA®)

Our diagnostic evaluation for oil-filled circuit breakers helps minimize maintenance by identifying only those units in need of attention, while at the same time identifying units on the verge of failure.

This improves your scheduling in terms of manpower allocation and preparation for repairs as well as your return on your investment into equipment. TJ|H2b has tested the insulating oil contained within tens of thousands of tanks and has found that our Breaker Oil Analysis has a clear advantage over conventional approaches to maintenance. The objective being to perform maintenance on the right units at the right time.

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Breaker Gas
Analysis (BGA®)

Like oil in oil-filled equipment, SF6 can be sampled and tested to gain an assessment of equipment condition and insulating gas quality. TJ|H2b has developed a unique and simple sampling method that can ensure a sample of high integrity is taken.

Proper sampling of SF6 is critical to an accurate diagnostic evaluation. We have established a sampling procedure that utilizes a sampling device that permits samples to be collected free of interfering moisture and oxygen, called the Gas Sample Collection Unit (GSCU).

The use of SF6 analysis reduces the maintenance cost of breakers by identifying those breakers that have internal problems, safety issues, or special handling needs.

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The above diagnostic packages assign a condition code (1, 2, 3, 4 or 4*) to the equipment, in addition to detailed interpretation of the results. This information aids asset managers in planning and prioritizing maintenance, thus providing real savings on unnecessary maintenance and costly outages and failures.

Code 1: All parameters within acceptable limits.
Code 2: Onset of fault activity or oil degradation is evident.
Code 3: Substantial development of fault and/or deteriorating oil quality.
Code 4: Serious fault activity and/or very poor oil quality. Further investigative action is required.
Code 4*: Urgent action required. Retest immediately. Subject to confirmation via repeat sample, an internal inspection may be required, proceed immediately and with caution.

Along with these oil diagnostic evaluations and condition codes, multiple other factors must be taken into consideration such as:

Service History / Maintenance History / Age / Criticality

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