Safe and Efficient Transformer Testing After a Trip

workers in a control room

Presented By:Mark B. Goff, MSEE, PETennessee Valley AuthorityCollin Jay Rosson, EITTennessee Valley AuthorityCassandra H. Goff, MSEE, PEQualus Corp.TechCon 2023 Abstract This paper discusses the most efficient actions to take after a transformer trip by relay operation. As the power grid is pushed harder, it is vitally important to keep the power flowing. This entails having […]

Surviving Tomorrow’s Climate – National Grid’s Resiliency Journey

Surviving tomorrows climate

Presented By:Rafael PanosEngineering ManagerNational GridTechCon 2023 Abstract In the recent years, millions of Americans across the country lost power at times when they needed it most. As the US power grid deals with an increase of heat waves, winter storms, and stronger hurricanes caused by climate change, these kinds of failures are happening more often, […]

Robotics Applied to Substations, Current and Future Trends


Presented By:Julien BeaudryHydro-Québec Research Institute (IREQ)Claude Rajotte Energy System Infrastructure Group, Hydro-QuébecTechCon 2023 Abstract Robotics technologies offer promising benefits for several applications in substations. Substations critical equipments require meticulous, periodic and systematic monitoring. Inspection robots are seen as an extension of monitoring technologies to cover condition assessment needs in complement to traditional sensors. Benefits of […]

Offshore Wind Integration Considerations

offshore wind integration

Presented By:Mark McVeyPrincipal EngineerDominion Energy TechCon 2023 Abstract Wind Generations project development is accelerating along the Atlantic coast of the United States. Most transmission coastal service are remote, lack inertia, short circuit current and capacity to tolerate large amounts of Wind Generation. All of these grid characteristics we take for granted effect the reliability, availability […]

New Methods for Need Identification and Design of Grid-tied Energy Storage Systems

energy storage systems

Presented By:Sherif Abdelrazek, Ph.D., PEDuke Energy, LLCTechCon 2023 Abstract Energy Storage Systems (ESSs) can accommodate an extensive variety of functions, rendering them a viable solution to enhance grid resiliency, reliability and efficiency. They can also enable high penetration of renewable energy resources on our grids. However, the current capital cost, life cycle, and efficiency of […]

Life Extension of Power Transformers Through Proper Moisture Management

Power Transformers

Presented By:Drew Weltonintellirent, division of ElectroRent Corp.TechCon 2023 Abstract Excessive moisture within the oil and insulating materials of a transformer has a significant effect on the life cycle of these critical and expensive assets. Moisture is one of the most influential elements that can accelerate aging in oil, paper, and pressboard insulation, possibly resulting in […]

Lessons; Xcel Energy’s Successful Unmanned Aerial Survey Transmission Inspection Program

aerial survey drone

Presented By:Daniel W. FleischmanManager, Transmission System PerformanceXcel EnergyTechCon 2023 Overview In 2019 Xcel Energy, in partnership with eSmart Systems and EDM International, began a robust, virtual inspection of its 22,000-mile transmission network spanning nine states. This includes FAA approval for unmanned aircraft to take aerial images of its assets. Xcel Energy has now collected and […]

An Innovative Method for Detecting Transformer Air Leaks

gas pressure hero image

Presented By:Toni MellinSenja LeivoVaisala OyjFinlandTechCon 2023 Abstract Oxygen is one of the main components among heat, moisture, and acids, to cause degradation of the insulation paper, which leads to shortening the lifetime of the transformer. The source of oxygen in transformers is mostly ambient air and thus, it is common to use a membrane or […]

Instant Payback – Building Trust in Online Monitoring

online monitoring

Presented By:Marcolus Sullivan, Ory Shoemaker, Timothy McNamaraDuke EnergyKwasi Yeboah & Randy CoxGE Grid SolutionsTechCon 2023 Abstract Examine real-world applications of online monitoring on old and new transformers, where instant gratification is achieved by detecting and alarming on issues. The utilization of near real-time data, validated by history of maintenance data, provides subject matter experts the […]

Gassing in Wind Turbine Transformers

wind turbine

Presented By:David Jiménez de la Plata Mónica Pérez María de Haro Alfonso de PabloTJH2b Latina S.L.TechCon 2023 Abstract This paper goes on to describe gas generation in wind farm transformers. (WTTs – Wind Turbine Transformers). Local transformers, those directly linked to the turbine of a wind farm, generate abnormally high amounts of dissolved gases. This […]

Where Does the Air Go?

Where is the air going

Presented By:Don Platts and Dave HansonOMICRON Electronics USA and TJ|H2b Analytical ServicesTechCon 2017 Abstract Oil sampling to measure insulating liquid quality and perform dissolved-gas-analysis has been a cornerstone of the typical transformer maintenance program for several decades. In that timeframe, several monitoring products have been developed that also require a connection with the oil inside […]

The Benefits of Robotics

Benefits of robotics

Presented By:Julien Beaudry, Nicolas Pouliot, Matthieu Montfrond, and Serge MontambaultHydro-Quebec Research Institue (IREQ), CanadaTechCon 2018 Abstract The means to inspect and maintain such strategic infrastructure as power lines and substations must evolve. For 25 years, Hydro-Québec has been developing robotic platforms, sensors and tools to meet the new challenges associated with operating a power grid: […]