Where Does the Air Go?

Where is the air going

Presented By:Don Platts and Dave HansonOMICRON electronics USA and TJ|H2b Analytical ServicesTechCon 2017 Abstract Oil sampling to measure insulating liquid quality and perform dissolved-gas-analysis has been a cornerstone of the typical transformer maintenance program for several decades. In that timeframe, several monitoring products have been developed that also require a connection with the oil inside […]

The Benefits of Robotics

Benefits of robotics

Presented By:Julien Beaudry, Nicolas Pouliot, Matthieu Montfrond, and Serge MontambaultHydro-Quebec Research Institue (IREQ), CanadaTechCon 2018 Abstract The means to inspect and maintain such strategic infrastructure as power lines and substations must evolve. For 25 years, Hydro-Québec has been developing robotic platforms, sensors and tools to meet the new challenges associated with operating a power grid: […]

Challenges of an Evolving Electrical Grid

Evolving Electrical Grid Challenges

Presented By:Christopher E. Root E.Chief Operating OfficerVermont Electric Power, IncTechCon 2019 Abstract Changes in the way we produce, store, manage and use electricity are transforming the way the electric power industry operates the grid. Among the key trends: retiring base-load power plants, increased distributed generation, rising investment in energy efficiency and demand response, and technological […]

Advances In Transformers Ratings Using Fibre Optics


Presented By: Jerzy Kazmierczak Product Technical Manager Hitachi Energy TechCon 2022 For a long time, the transformer industry did not have the solution which could be used to measure the winding hot spot directly. The solution with the current transformer called “thermal image” which was connected to the hotspot gauge was commonly applied to monitor […]

Can We Securely Communicate Wirelessly in Substations?


Presented By: Thomas Schwartz General Electrical Industrial Communications Senior Technical Application Engineer TechCon 2022 In the world of electric utilities, privately owned communication networks remain the vehicle of choice for interconnecting assets in the Field Area Network (FAN). Currently, thousands of utilities in the US are “managing multiple—sometimes more than a dozen—wireless networks in support […]

Practical Considerations for the Usage of Ester Fluids in Distribution Transformers


Presented By: Robert C. Breazeal and Alan Sbravati Senior Technical Supervisor and Global Customers Application Manager Southern California Edison and Cargill TechCon 2022 In 2018 Southern California Edison began utilizing distribution class transformers with natural ester fluid. In addition, they embarked on a program where units removed from service were retro-filled with ester fluids before […]

Securing Substation LANs with SDN and Functional Security Monitoring


Presented By: Steel McCreery and Lance Dice Omicron Electronics Canada Corp and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc. USA TechCon 2022 Since the first confirmed blackout caused by hackers in the Ukraine in 2016, the frequency and intensity of cyber-attacks targeting the power grid have increased. Substations represent a critical attack vector within the power grid and […]

Journey to Data Integration

Data to Integration

As an asset manager, one is always looking for better ways to utilize the data they have to make better data-driven decisions.

SF6 Alternative, G3, What’s Going To Be The Next Step


Presented By: Dr. Yannick Kieffel Materials R&D and Eco-Design Manager, Consulting Engineer GE Grid Solutions TechCon 2022 For many years, SF6 has been the preferred dielectric medium in electrical power applications, particularly in high voltage gas-insulated equipment. However, with the recognition that SF6 has an extremely long atmospheric lifetime of 3200 years and a global […]

Substation Ground Grid – Maintenance and Performance Testing


Presented By: Ronald Proffitt Technical Consultant North American Substation Services TechCon 2022 Arguably, the two most important substation/plant components related to Safety and Reliability are the station battery and ground grid. If they do not function correctly, personnel Safety and equipment Reliability are at risk. In recent years with the focus on FERC PRC guidelines, […]

Understanding Legacy Transformers for Potential Extended Life


Presented By: Brian D. Sparling Dynamic Ratings Inc. Senior Technical Advisor TechCon 2022 It is important for transformer users and asset managers to be adequately equipped to assess the condition of legacy transformers in their utility/organization as a basis for making critical decisions about operations. In other words, classifying candidates and priorities for, repair/rectification of […]