Transformer Insulation Diagnostics Beyond Line-Frequency Power Factor Testing

transformer insulation diagnostics beyond line power factor testing

Presented By:Dr. Diego M. RobalinoMegger North AmericaTechCon 2018 Abstract Line-frequency power factor / dissipation factor testing technique has been used throughout the electrical industry and has triggered the attention of those who are directly involved in electrical assets operation, maintenance and management. The power factor/dissipation factor testing technique, as a tool for insulation diagnostics, has […]

Transformer Processing In Manufacturing and the Field Including Online Energized and Wind Farm Applications

transformer processing in manufacturing and the field incliding online energized and wind farm applications

Presented By:Greg Steeves, P.E.Baron USA, LLCTechCon 2018 Abstract Transformer life depends heavily on the condition of the liquid and solid insulation. Effective drying, degasification and filtration practices, in manufacturing and during installation, ensure low initial contaminant levels. However, transformers experience rising contaminant levels over time. These can be detected by testing. The liquid insulation can […]

The Changing Face of Utility Condition Monitoring Data Management

The Changing face of utility conditiion monitoring data management

Presented By: Kerry Williams K-BIK Power Pty Ltd TechCon 2018 Abstract In recent years there has been a significant uptake in on-line condition monitoring of electrical network assets. This paper explores the impact of that change from years past to the present and looks at what might be in the future. During the 1990’s, condition […]

Grounding System Testing and Assessment

ground system assessment and testing

Presented By:Moritz PikischOMICRON electronics Corp USATechCon 2018 Abstract Grounding System tests must be performed after construction of electric facilities and on a regular basis every 4-5 years. This is to guarantee personnel safety during a single phase fault and to check the quality of the grounding system’s construction according to the dimensioning during the planning […]