Power Transformer Asset Management Strategy and Proactive Replacement Program at Salt River Project (SRP)

Full transformer

Presented By:Faustino Quintanilla PE & Bradley E. Staley PESalt River ProjectTechCon 2018 Abstract Salt River Project (SRP) has an Asset Optimization team that manages physical assets to meet its corporate objectives. Key areas include proactively managing the risk of catastrophic failure, reliability, aging infrastructure and lifecycle costs. Power transformer assets were considered first since they […]

Things to Consider when Retro-filling Transformers with Natural Esters


Presented By:Kerry WilliamsK-BIK Power Pty Ltd& Brian Sparling, SMIEEEDynamic RatingsTechCon 2018 Abstract The question of whether a mineral oil immersed transformer can be retro-filled with a natural ester fluid has been answered with numerous units in service operating relatively normally. There are however several questions that have not been answered and this paper provides a […]

Physical Security-Resiliency Against Long Term Outages

ABB transformer shield

Presented By:Petter FiskerudPower Transformer Resiliency Program Manager, ABB Inc.& Craig L. StiegemeierExpert Services Product Manager, ABB Inc.TechCon 2018 Abstract The loss of a key transmission assets such as a step-up transformer, whether it is due to a natural or man-made event, can cause a loss of significant power to the grid. Depending on the circumstances […]

Substation Acceptance and Pre-Operational Testing Plan

substation acceptance and pre-operational testing plan

Presented By: Kenneth G. Peterson Hampton Tedder Technical Services Inc. TechCon 2018 Abstract Utilities have the right to verify that the services provided conform to their contractual requirements. A Utility may monitor the performance of the tests and test equipment certification in relation to the work performed as contractually required. The Contractor should develop an […]

The Team of One’s Approach in Managing Substation Assets

Managing Substation Assets

Presented By: Elizabeth Bray, P.E. Southern Company TechCon 2018 Abstract Times have changed and how we manage substation equipment has to be a lean mean operating machine. Lean in the way of operating efficiently for necessary maintenance along with limited resources, mean in use of creativity and technology to keep the equipment operating safely. This […]

Embracing Holistic Data Management Prepares Utilities For The 21st Century


Presented By: John D. McDonald, P.E. GE Power’s Grid Solutions business TechCon 2018 Abstract Data is the new enabler of value in the electric power industry. Though the power industry has always relied on data, the proliferation of sensors and actuators on the grid for improved monitoring and control is among drivers of data on […]

CIGRE Guide on Transformer Intelligent Condition Monitoring Systems

electric transformer against blue sky

Presented By:Patrick PicherHydro-Québec& Brian SparlingDynamic RatingsTechCon 2018 Abstract The electrical energy market offers several sensors and on-line continuous monitoring systems, interpretation algorithms and software systems, however, users still face the challenges of how to justify the value of monitoring and how to convert the large amount of data into useful and relevant information that can […]